Mark Montoya Online Personal Branding Specialist
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Mark Montoya Online Personal Branding Specialist

Quite simply, you have a brand. I have a brand. Everyone is and has a brand. A Personal Brand. Those who understand this and work to utilize their brand can lead a more fulfilling and profitable life.

I am an expert in Online Personal Branding having worked with over 1000 individuals, companies, small businesses and entrepreneurs on their branding strategies, marketing collateral and sales; having been recognized for my work with various awards. Through various tried-and-true approaches I now focus on helping individuals to maximize their brand to achieve their desired goals.

Here are the prime articles that outline my approach to Personal Branding, or Personal Branding Fundamentals:

The Definition of Online Personal Branding
Personal Brand First
A Personal Image is Not an Online Personal Brand
Job Specialization Development- A Great First Step in Your Job Search
Position Yourself for Job Search Success
Differentiate or You're Dead

At its core, Personal Branding is THE way to maximize your job search efforts. For example, when someone is looking for a new job or desires to establish themselves in a new career, they are competing with hundreds, if not thousands, of other individuals. With recruiters and employers increasingly searching the internet for information about candidates as to save money on their position search, Personal Branding on the web is increasingly important.

  1. Are you happy with results of the Google search of/for your name?
  2. Have you done enough to stand apart from the plethora of other candidates?
  3. Are you on track to your ideal career?
  4. Do you have a clear plan for getting to your ideal career?
Personal Branding identifies a person as “THE” one. When it comes to the job search, you need every strategy available.

Here are some articles that show you how to use Online Personal Branding to help your job search:

How Personal Branding Works And Its Affect On Your Job Search
Why Get Personal, How Your Online Personal Brand Can Help Your Job Search
Personal marketing and job search: Make an emotional connection.
Stand Up to Stand Out. How Personal Marketing Can Land You Your Dream Career
Oprah Winfrey and Job Search

For the past years, I have been working on developing sites that help job seekers get their ideal careers. I encourage you to visit and use these sites:

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Mark Montoya Online Personal Branding Specialist
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Mark Montoya Online Personal Branding Specialist

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