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What Can You Learn From a Drunk Ewok?

I don’t mean to be stuck on the Halloween videos, but for some reason people like to do stupid stuff on that holiday. Today’s clip was circled around the interwebs a good bit earlier this week and last, and features some guests that will probably never (ever) be invited back to the Today show. I recommend fast forwarding to the 2:25 mark and watching from there. So we can discuss what can you learn from a drunk Ewok:

Seriously? I always knew those ewoks were up to no good, but apparently you put some sugar and naughty juice in them and they go crazy. The question remains, though, what can we learn from this drunk Ewok?


IF the ewoks had behaved like this at their ewok holiday party, they probably would have been a big hit. However, they were on national television. So, when you decide that you want to act a fool, take a step back and think about whether it’s an appropriate situation to do so and consider the potential repercussions (i.e. – will it end up on YouTube?).


Seems like a no brainer, but ya never know.


These ewoks are usually cute little creatures that just make funny noises and take the backseat to jedi, but apparently when the lights come on and the camera starts rolling, they turn into attention whores. They were clearly got a little caught up in trying to steal the spotlight, which I’m sure the guests on the Today show didn’t appreciate too much (even though they were laughing at them). It also made it much easier for them to act a fool since they were hiding behind a mask. In business and in life, if you’re always hogging the spotlight and reminding everyone of your accomplishments, people are going to get tired of you pretty darn quickly.
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